Facing Impossible Odds (Grenadiers der Waffen-SS)

Unidentified SS-Grenadier
Unidentified SS-Grenadier
Wounded or captured Waffen-SS men or other volunteers against the Soviet Union were usually summarily executed on sight. The SS-Panzergrenadiers had no illusions about their fate if taken prisoner. The Soviet atrocities carried out against surrendered elite troops were well known among the Waffen-SS. On several well-documented occasions their fallen comrades had been found bestially mutilated and murdered. The barbarization of warfare in the East made surrender not an option. The year 1944 was depressing, but the men of the Waffen-SS did not have any idea of the occurrences for which they would later be made liable. Images: Unidentified SS-Grenadiers by SS-Kriegsberichter Max Büschel (December 22 1943) and Hermann Grönert (January 17 1944). Fair use.

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  1. Sie wissen um was es geht. Staubbedeckt das Gesicht, seit Tagen kaum eine Stunde Schlaf – so kehren die SS-Panzergrenadiere aus den vordersten Gräben zurück in die Ruhestellung. Ihre dennoch lachenden Gesichter beweisen besser als Worte ihre Zähigkeit.