Filmberichter der Waffen-SS im Einsatz

SS-Kriegsberichter in Ukraine
The Waffen-SS Kriegsberichters role was to; Report on the war through text, photographs, drawings, radio and films. They were soldiers first and war correspondents second and were never to far away from the combat zone during the war. They were expected to take part in assaults, offensive operations and fight next to their comrades as their positions were being overrun by the enemy rather than taking photographs. They gained respect very quickly as most Waffen-SS war correspondents demonstrated remarkable courage in the face of battle. The SS war reporters covered the actions of all the Waffen-SS formations in the field. They were able to operate independently of each other equipped with still and movie cameras to enable to visually document the actions of Waffen-SS men in combat. It is estimated that during the whole war the SS-Kriegsberichters produced over 80.000 written reports and more than a million photographs. Image: An unidentified SS-Kriegsberichter in action with camera being covered by SS-Rottenf├╝hrer armed with Schmeisser or Bergman MP. Commons: Bundesarchiv.

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