Waffen-SS War Correspondents

The SS-Kriegsberichters or SS War Correspondents who covered the war in the 1940´s were masters of their art. The images are like snapshots taken as the drama unfolds before their - and our - eyes. Historians owe them a deep dept of gratitude for having faithfully documented this historic struggle under enemy fire and in the most appalling conditions. In 1945, several months before the end of the war, an order issued by the RSHA, or Reichssicherheitshauptamt (National Security Service Main Office) required that all photographic material of the Waffen-SS was to be destroyed. This order was quickly carried out and all the film negatives were burned. Oddly enough, many archival albums which contained the contact strips managed to somehow survive. Today all the surviving SS War Correspondent albums are safely stored in the German Federal Archives. Credit: Remy Spezzano. Image: Private collection.

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