Allied Carpet Bombing of Dresden

Postwar Dresden 1945
The author and historian Jörg Friedrich presents a vivid account of the saturation bombing, rendering in acute detail the annihilation of cities such as Dresden, the jewel of Germany's rich art and architectural heritage in the book Der Brand (The Fire) in which he portrays the Allied bombing of civilian targets during World War II as systematic and in many ways pointless mass murder. The Fire is a rare account of the air raids as they were experienced by the civilians who were their targets. Friedrich previous work examining Wehrmacht crimes and Nazi justice enables him to approach the subject without risking automatic dismissal as a right-wing apologist. Quoted from Douglas Peifers review of The Fire. Image: August Schreitmüller's sandstone sculpture “Die Gute” on Dresden’s Rathaustrum somehow survived the bombings. It once overlooked a magnificent city. Now beyond its outstretched arms lies a sea of ruins. It took until the 1990s for the British and American governments to formally apologize to Germany for the unnecessary attack. Credit: Wikipedia. Source: Deutsche Fotothek.

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