Scandinavian SS Front Nurses (Waffen-SS)

SS-Frontschwester Stendal
Scandinavian SS Front Sisters

The Scandinavian SS Front Nurses were deployed in pairs, and those older than 21 years mostly served in Finland, the Baltic States and in the Soviet Union. As the war ended, the front nurses returned home to countries liberated from the German yoke. Many of them were arrested by the home-front. With the exception of Denmark, all other 'germanic' countries sentenced their front nurses to varying degrees of jail-time, fines and loss of civil rights. Left image: Norwegian SS Front Nurse Elsa Stendal survived World War II and moved to Paris. Right image: Three of the around 350-400 Norwegian women who served as SS Nurses. The nurse on the left wears a black leather belt with the standard SS-pattern buckle clasp, and a machine-embroidered Edelweiss insignia of SS mountain units. Images: Fair use.

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