20.Waffen-Grenadierdivision der ϟϟ

Eesti relvagrenaderide SS-diviis
Although many Balts were recruited into the German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS the majority did so only in 1944 when the threat of a new invasion by the Soviet Red Army had become imminent. 20.Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (Eesti relvagrenaderide SS-diviis) was an Estonian unit of Waffen-SS established in 1944. Seeing the Third Reich as the salvation of an independent Baltic, these sons of Estonia joined the ideological crusade against Stalin’s communists regime. After some brutal fighting against the Soviets
20.Waffen-Grenadierdivision der SS
in 1944, these Estonians managed to force the Bolsheviks back to the east bank of the Narva River. Images: Young Estonian volunteers of the 20.Waffen-Grenadierdivision der SS recieve food packages from local women at a trainstation in 1944. They are wearing the distinctive SS Autumn Oak Leaf camouflage parkas designed to be reversible, providing camouflage for two seasons. Distribution was limited to the Waffen-SS, ostensibly because of a patent. The camouflage patterns were designed by Johann Georg Otto Schick, a Munich art professor and then the director of the German camouflage research unit. Public domain.

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