III. (germanische) ϟϟ-Panzerkorps (Battle of Narva)

III. (germanische) SS-Panzerkorps
German casualties during the Battle of Narva, including a number of West-European volunteers and local Estonian conscripts, is estimated at 14,000 dead or missing. As the Soviet forces were constantly reinforced, the casualties of the battle were 150,000 – 200,000 wounded and dead Soviet troops. Soviet losses in the offensive at Estonia are estimated to 480,000 overall casualties (the number of Soviet casualties can only be estimated indirectly). According to the German War Graves Association, 35,000 German soldiers were killed on Estonian territory, and a further 10,000 or so Prisoners of War subsequently died in forced-labour camps. A large number of graves are unmarked or were obliterated by the Soviet regime. The bitterly-fought battles waged on Estonian territory are today remembered by many partly restored military cemeteries. Image: Battle fatigued SS-Grenadiers in the ferocious battles of Narwa in 1944. Credit: Estonica. Commons: Bundesarchiv.

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