Seelow-Berlin Offensive Operation (Seelower Höhen/Seelow Heights)

SS-Sturmmann der Waffen-SS Müller
The last major defensive line outside Berlin was the Seelow Heights. Close to one million Soviet troops and more than 20,000 tanks and artillery pieces commanded by Marshal Georgi Zhukov, attacked the position known as the Gates of Berlin between April 16 and April 19 1945. They were opposed by about 110,000 German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS troops and 1,200 tanks and guns, commanded by General Theodor Busse. The Soviet forces broke through the defensive positions, having suffered about 30,000 casualties, while the Germans lost 12,000 personnel. It was only one of several crossing points along the Oder and Neisse rivers where the Soviets attacked which led to the encirclement of General Theodor Busse´s 9. Armee and the Battle of Halbe. The Battle of the Oder-Neisse was itself only the opening phase of the Battle of Berlin. Image: Source and Copyright: D.A., with permission. Original print with caption: Müller © COPYRIGHT NOTICE: If you want to publish this image in any form, please let us know by dropping us a note here. Thanks! Copyright © 2008 · All rights reserved ·

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