Ich hatt' einen Kameraden

On June 22 1940 the last combat effective French army still in the field was encircled and 500,000 men marched into captivity. The order to cease-fire came at 01:35 hours on June 25 1940. The battle for France was finally over for the men of the Waffen-SS. But some were left behind. In the campaign which had taken no less than seven weeks, three countries had been defeated by the German Armed Forces. On July 19 1940, Hitler tried once more for conciliatory negotiations with the British opponents. But Churchill remained resolute. The war moved into the next round. The Blitz, i.e. the air raids on London, began only after Britain had continuously bombarded German cities for three month. Pointless restraint was at an end. Image: Photographer: SS-Kriegsberichter Friedrich Zschäckel. Commons: Bundesarchiv.

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