Franco-German armistice negotiations at Compiégne

The German concept of Blitzkrieg had been perfected in the western theatre of war. On July 21 1940, Hitler and his high command, waited to receive the French Peace Delegation in Compiégne. The negotiations took place and were sealed in the same railway salon-wagon as had been used on November 8 1918 for the Surrender Treaty of the German Empire. However, it was certainly no repeat performance of humiliation as had happened on that autumn day. Then, the German envoys were treated with abuse, and already as prisoners of war, by the French Marshal Ferdinand Foch. However, in July 1940, Germany´s opponents were treated with military honor, the negotiations were handled correctly. Image: Waffen-SS Grenadiers burying one of their comrades in the Western Campaign 1940. Photographer: SS-Kriegsberichter Friedrich Zschäckel. Commons: Bundesarchiv.

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