The Moscow Armistice was signed between Finland on one side and the Soviet Union and United Kingdom on the other side on September 19 1944

SS-Gebirgsjäger of Division Nord
The Soviet strategic offensive in the summer of 1944 drove the Finns from most of the territories they had gained during the war but the Finnish Army later fought it to a standstill in July 1944. Cease-fire ended the hostilities on September 5 1944. The Soviet Union regained the borders of 1940, with the addition of the Petsamo area. Finland was required to expel all German troops from its territory within 14 days. The Finns knew only too well that the Soviets would gladly use the codicil of the Armistice Agreement which authorized them to “assist the Finnish Government in their plight to intern all German troops that were still on Finnish soil” to justify a large-scale invasion of Finland. Of course, withdrawing the over 200,000 German soldiers in Finland between 6 and 15 September 1944 while at the same time fighting against the Soviets was impossible, and everyone knew it! At the time elements of 6.SS-Gebirgs-Division Nord were 70 km to the east of the Finnish frontier. Nord had held their lines in heavy fighting until they were ordered to withdraw from Finland. Image: Warfield Collection. Fair use.

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