Leningrad–Novgorod Offensive and the withdrawal from Leningrad

11.SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Nordland
The reorganization of the coastal sector was entrusted to the Danish SS-ObersturmbannfĂĽhrer Kryssing. The III. (germanisches) SS-Panzer-Korps was able to hold off the Soviet Red Army until January 26 1944 in continuous fighting while the northern wing of the 18.Armee retreated to the west. Image: Young Grenadiers of 11.SS-Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Nordland being congratulated by an officer on the award of the Iron Cross, 2nd Class. All are wearing late war M42 helmets. The man on the far left has the runic decal on the left side of the helmet, which indicates he was transferred to the Nordland Division from the 5.SS-Panzer-Division Wiking. Image: Source and Copyright: Mark Bentley (Tiger Collectibles), with permission.

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