The History of the Waffen-SS

The topic of the Waffen-SS remains fresh; more remains to be said without simply rehashing what has come before. Many works exist which are rehashes. The result is that much misinformation has been spread, with the Waffen-SS order of battle suffering greatly in this regard. The Waffen-SS was a multi-national European front line combat organization under the direct tactical control of the OKW (German High Command of the Armed Forces), not to be confused with the notorious Einsatzgruppen or the political Allgemeine-SS. The history of the Waffen-SS began to be recorded before and during World War II, and many accounts were understandable biased, as they were written by pro-Nazi sources or wartime enemies. The atrocities committed by certain units made investigators ready to believe the worst about the entire Waffen-SS. These factors contributed to many incorrect concepts being taken into historiography as accepted truths. Credit: Marc Rikmenspoel, Waffen-SS Encyclopedia. Image: SS-Verfügungstruppen at the Königsplatz in München on November 9 1935. Commons Bundesarchiv.

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