Stalingrad February 1943

Hauptmann Friedrich Konrad Winkler
Some 91,000 surviving German soldiers surrendered on February 2 1943 to the Soviets. According to archival figures, the Red Army suffered a total of 1,129,619 total casualties; 478,741 men killed or missing and 650,878 wounded. These numbers are for the whole Stalingrad area; in the city itself 750,000 were killed, captured, or wounded. The Soviet authorities executed approximately 13,500 Soviet soldiers during the battle, equivalent to almost two rifle divisions. The total number of civilians killed in Stalingrad and the regions outside the city is unknown. Image: Hauptmann Friedrich Konrad Winkler somewhere inside the Stalingrad pocket in October or November 1942. He belonged to 305.Infanterie-Division and took command of 6.Kompanie of Grenadier-Regiment 577 during the fighting in the Barrikady Gun Factory in northern Stalingrad. Regiment 577 was destroyed in January 1943. Winkler wears standard 6x30 binoculars with a leather eyepiece protective cover fitted and the Iron Cross 1 Class, the Wound Badge with much of the black paint worn off, and the Infantry Assault Badge with part of the wreath broken off. Friedrich Konrad Winkler was born on August 22 1909 in Worms (one of the oldest cities in Germany situated on the Rhine river) and captured in Stalingrad in February 1943. He died soon after, in the age of 34, between February 8 and 10 1943 at POW Camp Beketowka. Photographer: Kriegsberichter Kurt Heine. Commons: Bundesarchiv.

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