Stalingrad 1942-1943

Hauptmann Wilhelm Traub (6.Armee)
The battle of Stalingrad took place between August 23 1942 to 2 February 2 1943. About 250,000 German and Romanian soldiers and other volunteer subsidiary troops including some 35,000 Soviet volunteers fighting for the Germans were surrounded. Inside the pocket, there were also several thousand Soviet soldiers the Germans had taken captive during the battle. The German 6.Armee and 24.Panzer-Division showed remarkable discipline after being surrounded. The Germans were now not only starving, but running out of ammunition. Nevertheless, they continued to resist stubbornly, in particular, the so-called "HiWis", Soviet citizens fighting in the Wehrmacht, had no illusions about their fate if captured. Image: Hauptmann Diplomingenieur Wilhelm Traub occupying a ramshackle fortified position among the rubble of the Barrikady Gun Factory in northern Stalingrad in October or November 1942. He is armed with the Soviet PPSh-41 submachine gun, a robust weapon ideal for fighing in urban area. Traub was a highly respected Kommandeur of the Pionierebataillon 305/305.Infanterie-Division which he took command of on October 16 1942. Wilhelm Traub was born on November 14 1895 in Helmstedt and is missing in action since January 5 1943. Information on Traub: World War II Pictures In Details. Photographer: Kriegsberichter Kurt Heine. Commons: Bundesarchiv.

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