Volunteers of the ϟϟ-Division „Wiking“

 Ludwig Kepplinger as SS-Hauptsturmführer
10. Kompanie of Regiment Germania
Left image: Ludwig Kepplinger was the first NCO in the Waffen-SS to be awarded the Knight's Cross. He was wounded in the Caucasus when serving as company commander in SS-Infanterie-Regiment Westland of the SS-Division Wiking. After recovering from his wounds he was given command of SS-Panzer-Abteilung 17 of the then newly created Waffen-SS division Götz von Berlichingen with the majority of its original cadre coming from replacement units and conscripts. The Wiking veteran SS-Sturmbannführer Ludwig Kepplinger was murdered by French partisans southeast of Laval in August 1944. His body was found in 1980 west of Villiers-Charlemagne. Commons: Bundesarchiv. Right image: The Wiking regiment Germania departing on a train towards Soviet Union. Those young men - unbroken and ready to master whatever fate threw their way - faced a dark future. Each had to face it to the best of his ability and on his own. They were faithful and loyal, proud and brave. They were the volunteers of the SS-Division Wiking. Commons: Bundesarchiv.

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