Fighting for Sagopshin and Malgobek

SS-Infanterie-Regiment Germania
SS-Infanterie-Regiment Nordland
By late September 1942, SS-Division Wiking was in a position to launch an assault to capture the vital city of Grozny. Working in cooperation with General der Panzertruppen Traugott Herr's 13.Panzer-Division. As they reached the Terek River, the Soviet defences solidified. Several obstacle belts had to be breached before the Georgian Road (along which American supplies were transported) could be reached. Realizing the difficult situation, SS-Gruppenf├╝hrer Felix Steiner divided Wiking into four columns, each with separate objectives, but all aimed at breaching the Soviet defences and opening a road to the Caspian Sea. Images: Battle-hardened SS-men of SS-Infanterie-Regiment Germania and Nordland awaits orders. The Waffen-SS also made extensive use of captured Russian weapons, such as the PPSh 41 submachine-gun carried by the NCO of the Nordland on the right. Fair use.

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