From the Caucasian Forests to the East Caucasus

SS-Division Wiking
SS-Infanterie-Regiment Germania
The SS-Division Wiking was needed badly in the East Caucasus, where the offensive of the 1.Panzer-Armee in the direction of Grozny, the capital city of the Chechen Republic, was bogged down. The transfer began on September 16 1942. The Soviet accounts of war concerning the transfer are quite laconic: Despite their losses of the past three weeks, the Fascists had achieved no decisive success and saw themselves forced to pull one of their best divisions, SS-Division Wiking, out of the Tuapse sector and direct it to the Mosdok area of operations. Images: SS-Grenadiers from the Wiking Division in the Southwestern Caucasus in 1942. Photos taken by the war correspondent SS-Kriegsberichter Willi Altstadt. US National Archives Records Administration. Fair use.

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