The frozen fortress Demyansk February 1942

Waffen-SS winter troops
On February 8 1942, the Soviet ring finally closed around the already depleted SS-Division Totenkopf and the German II and X Corps, trapping 12, 30, 32, 123 and 290.Infantry Divisions. When contested villages changed the occupants they usually turned into flames. The Totenkopf Division was split up, on orders of 16.Armee, with sub-units being despatched to various crises points. The SS units fighting in snow well over one metre deep and in temperatures of minus 30 degrees, came under extreme pressure as they tried to hold the line of scattered villages. Image: Waffen-SS winter troops. Some sources identifies the men as grenadiers belonging to SS-Division Totenkopf in Demyansk. Fair use.

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