Polizei-Division in Heeresgruppe Nord

Polizie Division
The Polizei division was initially part of the reserve with Army Group North in the advance on Leningrad. In August 1941, the division saw action near Luga. During heavy fighting for the Luga bridgehead the division lost over 2,000 soldiers including the commander Arthur Mülverstadt. After a series of failed attacks in swampy and wooded terrain, the division, along with army formations, fought its way into the northern part of Luga, encircling and destroying the Soviet defenders. In January 1942, the division was moved to the Volkhov River sector and on February it was assigned to the Waffen-SS, though most of division did not hold SS membership. Image: Screenshot from Die Deutsche Wochenschau in 1941 showing an unidentified grenadier of the Polizei-Division. Public domain.

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