Advance into the Caucasus: ϟϟ-Division „Wiking“ July – September 1942

SS-Panzer-Abteilung 5 Wiking advancing into the Caucasus
The Wiking battalion's tanks under SS-Sturmbannführer Johannes Mühlenkamp attacked between the Don and the Kuban in July and August of 1942, hitting the constantly withdrawing enemy and breaking all resistance. However a long and difficult way still lay in front of the SS-Division Wiking: over 500 kilometres of steppes, interlaced with little rivers gave the enemy the opportunity again to escape into the vastness of the area and to appear again unexpectedly in another position and to attack. Even in peacetime, a march by a large motorized division with its approximately 2,000 heavy vehicles and numerous other trucks and motorcycles on the Caucasian steppe would have been a tiresome effort with many difficulties. March route of the division: Maikop-Labinskaja-Armavir-Georgiewsk. Image: a Panzer IV from SS-Division Wiking in the Caucasus 1942; the divisional insignia can be seen on the mudguard. Photo: SS-Kriegsberichter Willi Altstadt. U.S. NARA. Fair use.

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