The backbone of the ϟϟ-Division „Wiking“

SS-Division Wiking
European Waffen-SS volunteers
During the second half of 1942, the SS-Division Wiking fought into and through the Caucasus region. Directives unequivocally identify the offensive in the Caucasus as the main operation in the southern sector of the Eastern Front. The Wiking Division was well known not only for being a fierce and bitter fighting unit, but because a great number of its members were not German, but foreign volunteers. Danes, Dutch, Finns, Flemings, Norwegians, Swedes and Walloons made up the core of the division. Top image: The backbone of the Wiking - Irrepressible SS-Infantrymen. Commons: Bundesarchiv. Bottom image: Three unidentified Waffen-SS grenadiers, although some sources identifies the men as a Swede and two Dutch volunteers who had previously received the Iron Cross Second Class. Public domain.

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